LFD - Update

Hi Sinners,

How are you holding on? We are keeping ourselves busy, and we've been working on:

  • adding new paintings, and switching some others one,
  • refining the lighting, still adjusting to the URP,
  • investigating the animations as the switch to the new character generator broke something, and standardised and made more flexible the way NPCs find interactables around them,
  • adding voices from a test with a voice actress, hopefully we'll work together again in the future,
  • adding and refining dialogues to push quests completion,
  • adding more animations to interactables, and looking for new ones,
  • and the usual bug fixes and improvements.

One bite at a time..


  1. I'm enjoying the absence of wires in this environment, unlike my own where spaghetti abounds without any sort of control. May I ask where is the sabre? With which to defend myself?


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