LFD - Update

Hi Sinners,

it is finally the end of 2020, what a challenging year it was, wasn't it?

For this last 2020 update, I have been working on a few tweaks and details that I've postponed for a while because they were not "breaking" the game, like:

  • chasing some audioclips that play when they should not,
  • adding more social links to the phone to help whoever wants to know more find more,
  • improved the casino, the biosphere, considering incorporating La Ronde, auberge, usineC, churchClub, artCouncil,
  • started testing a new puzzle mechanic using the Ishihara test,
  • enhanced the buses, and subway a bit, 
  • had a go at the cut scenes to improve the narrative,
  • fix some aesthetic issues about the dayNight cycle, and weather,
  • few UI tweaks to improve UX,
  • added models and tweaked a few prefabs,
  • and the usual bug fixes and improvements.

One bite at a time v v