LFD - Update

Good morning Sinners,

this month we have worked on:
  • a new mechanic that forces the player to avoid water. It's a weird lore aspect of the vampire world because some writers use it as an instant death (Soul Reaver), some are merely a handicap (The Vampire Files), some others don't even consider it being a danger unless it's holy. With that in mind and to add a bit of gameplay (mainly in the sewers) water will dissolve your dusty skin and body within a short period that you can extend by using Stoicism,
  • adding a few new places for NPCs,
  • refining the sewers to accomodate the enhancement of how you get your second power,
  • more dialogues options,
  • a couple of extra tutorial alerts,
  • tweaks models, animations and textures,
  • and the usual bug fixes and improvements.

One bite at a time..