LFD - Update

Good evening Sinners,

This month's update includes:
  • a few extra buildings (mainly Usine C and Cabaret Mado),
  • some others have been improved (mainly the lab),
  • first draft for the subway (3 stations),
  • some more powers have been worked on,
  • the process to discover your origin  through the scenario is in (based on the new powers),
  • a bit of work was done on the UI,
  • first draft for some puzzles,
  • and the usual bug fixes and improvements.

The next update should be focusing on:

  • reworking the characters' models,
  • completing the new buildings and subway network,
  • adding some more voice-overs to main characters,
  • improving the map and other UI elements.

Look for the pin, one bite at a time..