LFD - Update

Good evening Sinners,

this month's update is bringing you:
  • the quests have been rearranged and tweaked,
  • the map is now showing the current scene (approximately) as a black icon and the current goal for each convictions is in the corresponding colour,
  • the dialogue panels have been improved,
  • a small area around the Radio-Canada tower has been setup to welcome a new character for a new quest,
  • some scenes have been improved
    • the green theatre,
    • the factory,
    • the church,
    • the sewers,
    • and more..
  • other bug fixes and tweaks.

We also have setup an itch.io account to provide an easier process to get the game. We will probably start publishing the MacOS version to test the process, and then add the Windows version as well.

It also seems that Linux is getting a new Unity build but only 5.5.1 for now, so hopefully 5.6 will be coming along(ish) as the Windows and Mac one :)

One bite at a time..