LFD - Update

Hey everyone,

this month we've changed the way you use your blood. Being a vampire has its perks, but also has its drawbacks. Health is gone, because there are no bloody "vegan" vampires.. which means that once you get turned, the only thing to be careful of is your blood level.

Blood is really important, it's the one and only thing that keeps you "alive" but your own production has stopped, that's why you rely on feeding on people and animals and need to be using it with parsimony. But damage will force your body to use this same blood to keep you moving, and triggering your powers also deplete your reserve. Once your blood is gone, same applies to you and your save will be loaded automatically.

All that, with the sun damaging you during day time really restrict the way you get around, and that's where the sewers come in handy, therefore we completed the sewers a bit more. It's not perfect, but it's functional. Find the different points of entry, and discover in what extend they can serve you. Some places wont be accessible without having to get outside, but it could be a good enough way to get close and then handle the small bit of the trip you need to do outside.. or you can just wait for the night to come, it's up to you.