Well when you decide to represent a game that is placed in a real environment, you need to analyse where the story would make sense, and what kind of universe you want the player to discover, and then do some research, and inventory of what you'd need.

In that case, the Role Playing "paper" Game we did, was taking place in the city we were living in : Montreal, in Quebec.

It's always funner to play a game that takes place in an environment you know, you can be really precise about the location and other players will be able to use the scenery, the shops, parks and all that to give more reality, and so they'd more involved in the game!

But for a video it's much different, you want your players to discover it as you perceive it, and even more dramatic or surrealistic!

The Lafontaine park, in the heart of the latin neighbourhood is great to give that weird feeling of space, but not too big, so you dont get lost forever in the bush. Access to towers, shops, sewers, churches, old "red light"neighbourhood, it's a good mix of lust and christianity :)

Here is the model:

And the replica:

The great thing is that you can adjust, what you dont want, or dont need in the map you're doing, but still it's nice to be able to visit an "enhanced" version, more mysterious and frightening city than the one you know!

What it looks like with the lights:

Cheers :)