Game Design Dilema

We started thinking about the character selection, as an RPG, a big focus is on the character you're gonna play, but after thinking about the "choices" you could/would do, it might be much more interesting and challenging for the player to not be able to select his Clan.

Based on WhiteWolf's Vampire : Requiem, here are the existing basic clans :

And obviously, it would be cool to choose! But.. what would be even more interesting, is that you don't get to choose your clan. We know it's restrictive, but think about the skills you would develop by not having the stats, disciplines, and background you want. You will have to overtake the clan "assigned" to you, and have to deal and play with it.. Life is not always like we would like it to be, games either...

We hope that, by not giving you the choice to go the easy way, you will enjoy even more the events in the game and the different twits that could happen!

And keep in mind that you might not have the choice about who is gonna turn you.. Fight it or embrace it, that is gonna be your choice !